After more than a decade of flying the flag we first introduced ourselves with, Catalyx has evolved into a new chapter.

At our core we are the same award-winning Innovation Consultancy – helping 75% of the world’s best consumer-facing brands maximise the success of their product, pack and commercial innovation with in-market success. With over $1billion of value unlocked to date – and a client ROI of over 25x, our work has guided tangible impacts on the products you see on shelves every day. Throughout all of this, we’ve grown.

While our values remain the same, the way we must show up to meet the challenges of today’s global market has undergone an intentional refresh. We have a new look, a new website, an evolved logo and a large sprinkling of method optimisation and technology enhancement, bringing to market some exciting new automation and AI technologies. All of this enables us to continue to develop new and better ways of ensuring our clients are as consumer-centric as possible when it comes to their innovation development.

Above all comes our renewed promise; “Never Settle”. We will never settle until our consultancy-standard recommendations unlock either top or bottom-line growth for you in an immediately actionable way.

Exciting? We think so.

We spoke to a few of Catalyx’s leadership team to explore this evolution in their words.

Why is Catalyx stepping into a new chapter now?

Guy White, CEO and Founder: Catalyx is so much more than a market research company. It is a Consumer-Centric Innovation Consultancy, prepared with solutions through the entire innovation journey. We felt that we needed to evolve our brand to better represent this. This is fundamental to our belief that to best help our clients we will never ever settle until our work has unlocked innovation progress, but also that it is fundamentally important for our clients to have a never settle mindset in the hyper competitive world of Consumer Packaged Goods.

Are we moving away from our previous offerings?

GW: Not at all.

The new brand is just a far better representation of what we do, how we do it and why the way we do it is so incredibly powerful and effective. We continue to innovate as well. We have extended our capabilities to be able to support innovation development end to end. From white sheet of paper through to in-market optimisation… we take the required steps to ensure that your innovation’s success is predictable and not just a hopeful bet.

Our data capture and processing capabilities have evolved by integrating more behavioural ways to find what consumers really do, feel, think and want (versus just their claimed based behaviour that so many flawed surveys and traditional focus groups do). We have integrated AI models into this to enable us to make our qualitative data reach quantitative scales so you can be assured that every piece of advice we give is rooted in a representative sample of your audience.

What does Catalyx’s renewed positioning bring to the innovation market?

Phil Norminton, COO: We think of innovation as new ideas and approaches that create value, whether that be, for example, creating a product to meet an unmet need, or evolving messaging through the purchase journey to better communicate needs delivered. The constant through this is being led by the voice of the consumer, in a structured way, at scale, through all the work we do – whilst being focused on the business objective and never settling until we’ve unlocked progress against that.

In essence, in a world where there are abundant self-serve solutions, it’s all too easy to simply fail faster, so we’re finding helping clients design the right thing or solve the right problem in the right way – or further down the funnel, adopt a test and learn approach, not just test – is proving a big attraction.

Finally – why all the balloons?

Jack Hillaby, Head of Marketing: Catalyx has spent 12 years understanding how consumer goods brands can launch great innovation and we know how fragile those ideas can be. It takes one wrong decision along the funnel to change a potentially successful innovation into a failure. We all know how fragile and hard to control balloons are, and how they can be easily burst, so that became our visual metaphor.

We believe balloons are a differentiator as it’s difficult to visualise innovation, as innovation in its own right can really be anything, from a redesigned pack to a pricing strategy, all the way to a brand-new product or technology (AI for a very current example). Our concept shows balloons travelling along past a number of “perils” that can quite literally stop them right in their tracks. But with Catalyx as the driving force pushing them to safety, the balloon makes into the world successfully. That is exactly what we want for our clients’ innovations. We’re totally outcome-focused.

Additionally, balloons give us a real distinctiveness in the market. In fact, we hope to be known as “the balloon guys”; we’ll know we’ve created something distinctive if we can end up with that label!

The best is yet to come

To find out what the evolved Catalyx can do for your product in this new era, speak to our global team of experts today.

We’re ready to unlock your innovation’s success, and won’t settle until our work does just that.

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