Catalyx guarantees innovation progress

Research companies can get you to data, Innovation Consultants can get you to actions Catalyx combines the best of both worlds. Working end to end across the innovation funnel, we help our clients maximize the potential of their new ideas and products through world class, thought provoking insights and recommendations that solve complex questions. Always underpinned by deep consumer understanding specifically gathered to solve each need.

Catalyx offers world-class innovation consulting services, our team of experts never settle until growth is guaranteed for your brand. We don’t just give you the data, our systematic approach to story-telling, underpins the actionable recommendations that will drive your innovation forward.

Our data is generated through our award-winning Consumer Understanding System which navigates complex consumer preferences; what consumers think, feel, do, and want from their brands and products in the context of how they live their lives

Everything we do passes through our Catalyx Elevation Process™. This is our 9 step process to go from data to deck ensuring we surface insights and recommendations that guarantee to enable you to maximize progress on your innovation.


The Consumer Understanding System

Our award-winning* mixed method technology that allows us to capture Qual at Quant scale. Developed over the last 12 years, it allows us to blend together 55 different ways to get into your consumer’s worlds ethnographically but at scale. This ensures that we don’t just capture what consumers say, but what they truly think, feel, do and want. Tailored specifically to your need.

Catalyx Elevation Process™

Catalyx Elevation Process™ transforms the data from the Consumer Understanding System into actionable consultative outputs. It turns thousands of pieces of unstructured data (consumer videos, photos, text response, voice clips) into our codification through LLM & AI.

Our Never Settle Promise

NEVER SETTLE is our promise to not rest until our work unlocks innovation progress for your brand. As well as welcoming you into the insight discovery journey at important milestones throughout, should you ever find our recommendations need sharper clarity, further details or more precise actions, we won’t settle until those are in your hands.

Action-oriented outputs

Our work must:

  1. Deliver insight you could not have found yourself
  2. Contain recommendations that are immediately actionable
  3. Unlock top or bottom line value for your brand

The immediately actionable recommendations are brought to life through our proprietary Consumer Understanding System and built out through our Catalyx Elevation Process™. From robust data to innovation progress, Our work is underpinned by the Never Settle promise; meaning we don’t rest until what we reveal is new, actionable, and immediately valuable.


The trifecta of our Consumer Understanding Process, our Catalyx Elevation Process™ and our Never Settle promise culminate in our consultancy-standard actionable recommendations. These guaranteed outputs ensure that you always receive clear recommendations as to what you should do next. It’s how we guarantee that you design the right thing, in the right way.

“This is one of the strongest pieces of work we’ve done” – SCJohnson

Your products don’t fall into these sectors? Don’t worry, we have experience in many other vertices, including banking, finance & insurance, gaming and betting and media & entertainment, why not get in touch to see how we can help?

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Catalyx has deep expertise helping unlock progress on products consumers can touch, hold and feel; we specialize and have unlocked significant growth in these sectors.:

  • Healthcare
  • Beauty and wellness
  • Grocery
  • Retail (in-store and online)
  • Computing & Electricals
  • Automotive
  • Garden, furniture & DIY

What our clients say about us

We’re trusted by Consumer Goods leaders

“WOW thanks to Catalyx we now have 2 ideas that we can bring 2 new products into the market under 2 different benefit areas”


“Hugely positive reaction. Has enabled us to land important meetings with various including Target. We will probably want to replicate this in the UK as it has helped us so much over there”

Tangle Teezer 

“Catalyx has brought some new and fresh perspectives as we continue to build our new product.”

SC Johnson