unlock your crowd

*To unlock growth

Make better decisions quicker

with Crowdsourced Consumer Clarity


Create the 5% of innovation that succeeds*

*We believe that in a world where $80Billion spent globally on research every year [ESOMAR 2019] yet 95% of innovation fails [Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School] you need the voice of the many, not a few, to validate your decisions. That’s why the multi-award winning Catalyx Crowdsourced Behavioural Research Approach is designed to capture human reality at scale, through mixed methodology to understand what people think, feel, do, and want. Our proven approach guarantees you’ll be in the 5% that succeed.


The Catalyx Crowdsourced Behavioural Research Approach

Product Portfolio Model

We’ve developed The Catalyx Crowdsourced Behavioural Research System to unlock growth with Crowdsourced Consumer Clarity. It helps you navigate every aspect of your product development journey.

Our 10 modules across 3 vectors help our clients Maximize in-market, Discover strategic choices for innovation and opportunity, and Optimize their brand creative assets for growth outcomes. Click here to find out more.

Catalyx has a Bitesize research approach for fast insights to get to fast decisions. Designed to enable your iterative learning. Use the Innovation Pick n’ Mix to iteratively build your innovation concepts with your audience. While Crowd Safari enables you to capture images, video and verbatim for quick actionable insights.

Let’s talk. Click here to unlock your crowd.

Unlock Consumer Insight
to Grow Your Brand.

Our goal is to unlock the most value from every research dollar you spend, by transforming what
consumers do, feel, think and want into compelling recommendations.

So you can make better decisions that unlock the most value from your current and future products
and communication, quicker.

We find the WOW to drive your business forward.

The robustness and agility of our research promise you three things:

We combine qualitative depth with quantitative rigour to deliver intelligent consumer insight.

We capture a holistic view of what your audience
Do, Feel, Think and Want.

Our clear, actionable and strategic recommendations ensure you get the clarity you need to drive your business decisions.

We focus on four critical areas of your brand building journey:
Insight Discovery, Innovation Development, Communication Development and Go to Market.



Fuelled by smart tech, powered by curious, sparky experts.


The Catalyx Consumer Activation System™, our award winning innovative smart tech system, uniquely captures a complete view of your ‘crowds’ behaviour, emotion, critical thought and projective desire to generate insight, foresight, and strategic vision. Marketing Research Excellence Award, Best Product Innovation, 2021.

Our strategic storytellers turn data into actionable insight. They explore, question, and provoke to drive smarter decisions that will build a more successful future for your brand. It’s also why we love working here.


2020 strategic consultancy badge_color gritFTAwardLogoexcellence winnerFinalist logo

“Catalyx is an exceptional global research partner, mixing effective technologies and modern methods of research with traditional strengths in analysis and interpretation of data”

Matt Singleton, Vice President, Life and Health Products, Swiss Re


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