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Join us for a Catalyx Coffee with Sherifa.

Catalyx owes all of its innovation prowess to the brilliant minds that make up our global team. As these individuals are often behind the spotlight rather than in front of it, we decided to change that.

Each month our Brand Manager, Esmeralda Voegele-Downing, sits down with one of our fantastic team members to have a catch-up over a cup of coffee in which you can get to know some of the people who make Catalyx tick, and what they’re up to…

Today I had the total pleasure of meeting with Sherifa Amreen, a Catalyx Strategy Manager. To all who know her, Sherifa is a warm ray of sunlight with an unparalleled eye for insight, human understanding, and work ethic. She also makes incredible Narikel Semai, and on a day no-one’s taste buds will ever forget, very generously shared this talent with the whole London Office. For all who don’t know Sherifa, I can only offer sympathies – and this glimpse of her warmth and wit.

Join us for a chat about all things Sherifa with today’s Catalyx Coffee:

Welcome to the first Catalyx Coffee, Sherifa! Tell me, what are you up to today?

Well, right now I’m having a nice cup of coffee with Esmeralda! But in a broader sense, I’m working on multiple projects at the moment. There are a couple of great ones within different food and beverage categories I’m really focusing on. We’ve had some changes in the internal timeline for one of these so I’m making sure I get to the insight without compromising on the quality. It’s all about working with an agile mindset.

What’s your secret to achieving that?

For me it’s a daily practise. I’ll manage my energy to make sure I’m ready to apply myself fully when the need comes up. Right now, I’m busy, but busy for all the right reasons, so it’s lovely to take a break and chat. I actually had a fantastic week off with friends and family recently.

It was such a relief to know nothing will drop off during that break thanks to the wonderful team I’m in. We have the right kind of people in the right kind of mindsets who all chip in to ensure our clients never feel a hitch.

Here, even just in this past quarter, the variety of insight I’ve been exposed to has been… what’s that word from Mary Poppins? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

What did you do in your time off?

It was just a lot of seeing loved ones, dressing up, eating meals together and having quality time. It felt so good when I returned and could see everything was in order and had progressed smoothly since I left! That was a treat. I get to enjoy my holiday fully without worrying about what’s going on, I know my team is handling it. The beauty of a consulting job is that you know your priorities; you know your calendar, you work it together. 

Finally, how is life treating you in the Catalyx Strategy team?

Until joining Catalyx about a year and a half ago, all my life I’d been a Brand Manager – helping one brand at a time, all within the same category. Here, even just in this past quarter, the variety of insight I’ve been exposed to has been… what’s that word from Mary Poppins? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

It’s really amazing to see how the innovation development and thinking can vary from market to market. It’s the main thing I’d tell any aspiring Strategist looking into the research industry, there’s so much variety, it’s never dull. On top of it, I love the instant feedback I get from my manager, it makes every day feel like a team exercise!

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