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Swiss RE

Unique crowd methodology provides Swiss RE evidence of a valuable consumer segment

The Challenge

Reinsurance company Swiss Re wanted to consider how they could help people feel more protected and lower their pay outs on mental health by supporting their customers better.

They wanted to understand the appetite of different markets for mental health services or support, with the view to creating an insurance product for forward thinking insurers with global appeal.

Our Answer

During the height of the pandemic, Catalyx recruited 3,500 participants for a cross-market study to capture people’s reactions and feelings towards their mental health needs at speed.

The study across six market territories was followed up with a deep dive of participants (50 per market) and an efficient and ‘smart’ online data collection process.

The Effect

Our unique crowd approach resulted in actionable recommendations that helped Swiss Re design the right type of mental health solution for their customers.

Using this insight, Swiss Re collaborated with leading mental health platform, Wysa, to create a mental wellbeing app designed specifically for insurance. Take a look here.

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