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Identifying global human truths for Medtronic maximises engagement
and drives long-term efficiency.

The Challenge

With two important new treatments of varicose veins in the pipeline, Medtronic needed to identify the most appropriate business model and communications framework to successfully launch their treatment options across EMEA.

There was one main challenge first. The audience Medtronic had been dealing with for many years was just too broad. Essentially any person with varicose veins, equating to some 30% of the global population at any one time.

Our Answer

We worked closely with our statistician to design a paired down approach that would enable us to split the total market into the most homogenous segments, ultimately identifying two key consumer segments.

We knew that the organisation just wouldn’t blindly accept these territories on face value. Because of this, we then ran a series of workshops with the stakeholders to get their buy-in to the process, the findings, the insights and the recommendations.

The Effect

This was the first time Medtronic would be building out a global, patient led, toolkit. It was emotional rather than functional. It also had local guidelines with the specific do’s and don’ts for each market as opposed to each working on their own. This was a fundamental shift in terms of how Medtronic now thinks about bringing a product to market.

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