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Creating double-digit eCommerce sales uplift
using a real-life research approach.

The Challenge

Logitech wanted to understand how best they could increase revenue from a major partner, in
this case Amazon.

Our Answer

To date, solutions only catered for one or the other. Logitech could either work with Amazon directly but then it could not be impartial. Or they could A/B test in a live environment, but they would be showing their hand to their competitors.

We knew that we would need to create a combined approach to give Logitech a completely real-life, impartial, yet behind closed doors way to learn and test how to deliver sales uplift.

We split the approach into two distinct phases.

First – Understand every element of their business when it comes to shopping on Amazon. A key focus would be on consumer delight, to challenge the assumptions of how Amazon suggests its A+ content works and develop a Logitech specific set of consumer-centric principles that would lead to a sales uplift.

Then – Mimic the Amazon site to create a replica of their existing products with the recommended changes applied, to prove there would be an uplift against the current approach.

The Effect

Our two-phased approach helped Logitech optimise every element of their Amazon shopping experience from headings, descriptions, added info photos, functionality, and how they should bring it to life. In addition, it helped them make key strategic and financial decisions about the use of enhanced features such as the A+ content.

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