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New consumer proposition and launch strategy delivered
to market with fresh research backing.

The Challenge

With cold brew coffee becoming an increasingly popular drink in America, Lavazza was keen to launch their own offering into the market.

Our Answer

We sourced a crowd of cold brew consumers between ages 25 – 45, in four key American cities to obtain fresh insights into the drivers, preferences and consumption habits of cold brew. Using the Catalyx Consumer Activation System™ – Clarity, we set out activities for the consumers which included live video tasks, surveys, polls, open text, photo uploads and group discussions.

The Effect

Our research opened Lavazza’s eyes to the USA market, helping to map out how potential consumers engaged with caffeinated drinks and identify cold brew’s place in the market. It helped Lavazza both reject a range of false hypotheses as well as craft a proposition that was qualified by their target audience. Ultimately it enabled the creation of the launch strategy which was approved by the Board.

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