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From zero to 398 job applications using cost-effective
and collaborative engagement.

The Challenge

The Global Early Talent team at Expedia Group is responsible for sourcing, engaging, and recruiting current and recently graduated university students worldwide for local in-market positions.

Japan, one of Expedia Group’s largest regional markets, is also one of their most challenging recruitment markets, owing to a hard to engage target audience. They had tried multiple tactics both in Japan and further afield, but nothing worked.

Our Answer

We crowdsourced behaviours, attitudes & future directions with 100 Japanese students by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to identify clear patterns across the areas we were interested in. We then used a range of collaborative engagements to co-create ideas about the future based upon the core insights we had discovered, which in turn became strategic recommendations for how to move forward.

The Effect

The previous year the team had reached somewhat of a nadir in that they had zero job applications. Following our recommendations, the team saw a total of 398 job applications!

Considering the industry average cost to recruit a graduate is around $2500, plus the cost of repatriating a student from Boston to Japan, the Cost per Applicant (a fundamental KPI of recruitment) of this campaign, at $63.60, was significantly lower than ever before.

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