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We help brands to be smarter, not just by understanding your consumers better but by embedding the consumer into all your decision-making processes, enabling you to make more insightful decisions and unlock the most value from current and future products and communication, quicker.

Cereal Partners Worldwide

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The Challenge

The Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) team had developed an innovative and exciting direct to consumer (DTC) proposition – with a unique go to market model and communication approach.

Our Answer

In this project we wanted to capture real consumer behaviour right the way through from communication to ordering and even consumption. As a result, we leveraged a set of specific Facebook adverts to understand which would be most effective in driving consumers to a branded website.

Following this, those that clicked on the adverts were taken to a mocked up branded microsite, created via our microsite builder platform partner to compare and contrast the two concepts.

Throughout the process we captured how consumers scrolled, what they clicked, how long they took and their haptics (if they were on mobile) so we could profile the differences between those that were interested to buy and those that were not.

Additionally, for those that received the product, we captured videos of the unboxing and of the consumption. Finally, we codified the aggregate videos to identify the overall patterns of behaviour and verbal and physical reactions to the product experience.

The Effect

Ultimately the research showed a clear identification of which recommendations they should launch with and proved to the client that it is possible to do fully end-to-end “in context”, “real life” behavioural learning to support our strategic recommendation of how to move forward.

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