*With Crowdsourced Consumer Clarity

Bring your audience into the heart of your decision making.

The Catalyx Crowdsourced Behavioural Research System

Our Crowdsourced Behavioural Research System helps you navigate every complex aspect of your product development journey to unlock growth. We offer an annual growth programme or you can choose a specific product to meet your need, as you need.
As consumer demand intensifies, the pressure for the speed of insight increases. Our Bitesize research approach gives you fast iterative research to get to fast decisions.

Product Portfolio

Maximize your in-market potential

by auditing your product or mapping path to purchase journey so you can identify the levers to pull and barriers to overcome to achieve growth in-market.

Discover strategic choices

for category and innovation opportunities to drive brand growth. Unlock unmet needs and demand space opportunities or generate the ingredients to build best in class concepts for innovation and communication.

Optimize your creative brand assets

by taking early-stage ideas and optimising them with your consumers to evolve to best in class winners.  We can rank and improve your winning concepts and assess through behavioural testing how well they perform against competition.

Our Bitesize Research offer enables you to get fast iterative insights for fast decisions. 


One week. Crowdsourced ethnography. Actionable insights.

Access to worldwide real behaviour at scale with video, images and verbatim, transformed into insight for fast decisions.


Hundreds of consumers. Build your innovation. Weekly iterative decisions.

Pick ‘n mix from 7 iterative approaches. Build and optimise your innovation iteratively.                 


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Catalyx unlocks growth using crowdsourced behavioural data to deliver accessible actionable consumer insights. We validate the action with the why, to provide you truly strategic guidance giving you credible supercharged recommendations for growth.


WOW insights. WOW outputs. Guaranteed every time*

*We give you WOW insights. Insights that open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities.

*And we bring your consumers to life in powerful ways that will inspire your brand and business.

“I’ve been waiting for a report like this for about 5 years now!” Home appliances brand


Rigorous approach. Easy decisions*

*We capture human reality through our mixed methodology approach to understand what people think, feel, do, and want

*We expertly quantify qualitative human response at scale for impact

*We deliver WOW reports with truly actionable insight that are accessible across the whole business

“The Catalyx Consumer Activation System is truly innovative. The one-of-a-kind approach gives us not only the speed we require to move fast, it also gives us the rigour and flexibility we would expect from a full service agency” Consumer Healthcare Brand


Crowdsourced validation. Stronger success*

*We believe that in a world where 95% of innovation fails [Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School] you need the voices of many, not a few, to validate your direction. Catalyx can make you the 5% that succeeds to drive positive financial impact.

“This is seminal work. It will genuinely be groundbreaking for us” Multinational Consumer Goods Company

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