Consumer Activation System™

Build better brands, faster and more efficiently

Embed consumers into your business exactly how you need, when you need.

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The best of both worlds

The Consumer Activation System™ combines the convenience of full service with the speed and control of DIY to quickly understand the thoughts, feelings, desires and actions of your consumers.

I want more control

100’s of activities

Choose from a continually expanding library of market-tested activities or we will work with you to tailor something specifically for you.

Online shopping mission

Live crowd chat

Image inspiration

Discussion forum

In-store shopping mission

Visual diary

Trust your gut

Jobs to be done

Product usage missions

Quick, intuitive and tailored to your needs

The Consumer Activation System™ makes it even easier for you to collaborate with us to activate your consumers.

Do as much (or as little!) of the research as you want yourself

Ready to use business recommendations, not just raw data, in days not weeks

Market-tested activities to get the most out of each consumer interaction

Large breadth of uses - from fast consumer engagements to complex challenges

Brief to proposal to project design in a matter of minutes

Outstanding return on investment

Compelling reports

Compelling reports with clear business building recommendations.

Compelling Reports

Varied outputs all in one place

Solve a wide range of research objectives, doing as much or as little research as is convenient – we do the rest.

Live CROWD chat

Discover quickly what your consumers think and feel through live text chat.


Automatically capture what consumers say they think, want and feel.

Text & Photo analytics

Optimise your offer through observation of your consumers' response to a wide range of stimuli.

Real-time analytics

Gather insights on your consumers' experience as it happens.

Virtual In-home visits

Uncover authentic insights about how consumers use your brand in their own environment.

Online behaviour capture

Experience the online customer journey alongside your consumers in a perfectly recreated online environment.