A Cider-Brand for the land of William Tell

The Challenge

Carlsberg wanted to introduce its Somersby cider drink to a Swiss audience, but was uncertain of how the drink might be received. It didn't want to launch into a new market on limited insight, and the brand needed an interactive and engaging approach to match its social appeal.

Our Answer

Along with the Swiss word of mouth experts, Coolbrandz, and our Open Innovation partner agency, 100%Open, we provided Carlsberg with the insight crucial to uncovering Somersby's appeal in the Swiss market. We then brought this to life and co-created a purpose-built strategy and launch plan with 500 target customers. By using the Catalyx Consumer Activation System™ we engaged with 200 French-speaking and 300 German-speaking Swiss residents. With the conversation flowing, we analysed the thousands of pieces unstructured conversational content as it emerged to not only uncover hidden answers about Swiss social drinking behaviours, but to co-create the actual launch plan. This provided valuable market insight, and revealed true consumer feeling towards new drinks brands. The 500 participants became Somersby brand ambassadors, and a conversation between 500 people spread to 2,500 actively engaged participants.


A high level of interest from the Swiss public converted into 750,000 page views for Carlsberg's Swiss Somersby brand and allowed the brand to bring the on-trade launch forward by 2 weeks – a dramatic ROI win. In fact Millward Brown tracked aided awareness at 6% before the brand had even launched, and 1.5 million people (20% of the total population) had heard about the brand by the time it hit the shelves.

'Launching a global brand into a proud local market is challenging, but with the help of this innovative research approach we could create strong consumer relevant plans and a pre-launch model that generated true organic reach & trial.'

Carlsberg Marketing Innovation Director