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it’s shared.*

*Howard Schultz

Working collaboratively and
effectively across Switzerland,
Bulgaria, the UK and US.

We’re fast-growing, innovative
and do something genuinely
different in the industry.

We empower our people
to grow, learn and thrive.
This is our team.

Andrew Reed

Chief Commercial Officer

Andrew has 20 years’ experience as a consumer analytics expert. He has been passionate about understanding consumers throughout his career and across a wide range of topics, from media to the arts and sport. Andrew thrives on finding the meaning behind people’s actions, believing there is almost always something else to learn. ‘The team, the team, the team…’ is a mantra derived from his university football career and one he still applies to his working environment. He believes by supporting one another, everyone is almost always more likely to come out ahead.

Andy Cestaro

Strategy Director

Andy has 25 years’ experience working closely with clients to build stronger brands across the marketing mix. He has a deep understanding of brand positioning and equity development, building and prioritising the innovation pipeline, optimising communication, packaging & pricing, and understanding consumers. Andy is naturally curious and thrives on solving new problems. He also enjoys working out what causes people’s behaviour and choices, gaining insight to create the best environment for teams, projects, clients, and individuals to succeed.

Claire Smyth

Head of Product Development

Claire is a strategic marketeer, working on large scale growth projects for clients such as Diageo and Unilever, combing insight with key strategic expertise to drive growth and brand impact. She is commercially strategic, innovative, and future-focused and applies her skills to the product development of Catalyx’s Consumer Activation System. Claire puts human connection and compassion at the heart of everything she does, motivating her team to be their best unique selves. Together, they aim to innovate and create impact that will improve people’s lives for the better.

Fiona McBride

Chief Operating Officer

For 20 years Fiona has been helping clients to make better decisions through innovation and brand strategy insights, consulting, and marketing mix analytics. A process improvement specialist, she leads the teams responsible for the delivery of research projects and for ensuring clients receive the highest level of strategic insights and recommendations. Fiona is a problem solver; an attribute that drives her work. Whether solving client objectives, resolving fieldwork issues, co-creating new processes, or conceiving a strategic plan for Catalyx’s future direction, she loves working out the goal, and how to get there.

Guy White

Founder and Managing Director

Guy founded Catalyx in 2012. Since then, he’s developed the business into a global and multi-awarding winning consultancy, instrumental in delivering positive change for clients such as P&G, Nestle, Unilever, Mars, Kraft Heinz, GSK and many more. A marketer and insights professional at the top of his game, Guy is a crowdsourcing authority and expert on crowd-led innovation, recently being awarded a Quirks’s Marketing Research Excellence award for Innovation and New Product Development for Catalyx’s Consumer Activation System. He is both analytical and strategically creative and believes the obvious solutions are rarely the right ones.

Kate McEnery Evans

Strategy Director

Kate has 18 years’ experience as a strategic insight expert, supporting clients across sectors to understand the behaviour and motivation behind decision-making, and identifying the commercial implications for brands. She leads the Global Strategy team, pioneering quality research and ensuring the delivery of compelling strategic insight; empowering clients to make positive change and support growth. Kate loves travelling and meeting new people, her career in part driven by understanding what influences people’s behaviour and attitudes and exploring who they are in the context of where they live and how they interact.

Paul Munn

Commercial Director, EU

Paul has 15 years’ experience in the insights industry, having worked and built teams at System1 and BrainJuicer, following an early career with Ipsos. He has vast experience across many different client organisations, business categories and research methodologies. As someone who has always enjoyed solving problems, Paul is motivated to help clients resolve their research challenges and is highly effective as an advisor and sounding board. He believes that insightful market research should always be about people, not just data. Away from Catalyx, he enjoys skiing, snowboarding and hiking.

Vicki O’Sullivan

Head of People

Vicki is a CIPD qualified HR professional with over 15 years’ experience. Her career has predominantly been in the market research industry, supporting SMEs through growth and acquisition. She is passionate about people development and creating a culture that embraces and enhances productivity and engagement. Vicki’s values are centred around kindness and happiness, believing empathy is vital for positive human interaction. She embodies these values at work to help inspire and engage the Catalyx team. Vicki has an optimistic mindset and looks for positive outcomes in every situation.