consumer activation system

*Our award-winning Consumer Activation System creates a jigsaw-like puzzle, assembling pieces of consumer behaviour, emotion, and opinion to form a unique picture of their hearts, minds, and lives. Giving us the consumer ingredients to give you the clarity you need to solve your important business questions.

It provides precisely the right consumer input at the right time to support your journey, from insight to innovation, from communication development to maximising success in market.

consumer activation system2

The Consumer Activation System allows us to capture what people DO, how they FEEL, understand what they critically THINK, and capture their projective WANT. We tailor that combination to gather the insight that will precisely solve your business question.

We apply smart analytical technology to the 1000s of captured mixed method data to synthesise into actionable insights.

Combined with strategic expert thinking to give you compelling storytelling reports, with the clear recommendations for how to unlock more value from your brand.


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