Why this is a better way to develop, optimise, iterate and test your pack design

Screening, optimising and evaluating new and current pack solutions brings specific challenges; At screening, what do consumers think? When optimising, what do they want? And when evaluating, what do they feel? 

Ideally, you would capture what consumers THINKFEELDO WANT all in one place, and bring them into your pack/design development earlier and in a better way. You could:

  • build in early stage pack/design development and optimisation by working directly with a crowd of your consumers to develop the tone, tenor and imagery that fits your brand and products 
  • work with consumers directly on your early stage pack concepts to capture their feedback and iterate
  • conduct quick pack screening to find out what works, what doesn’t work and what to do next to narrow down from several packs to 1-2 best options to take forward
  • capture behavioural pack validation in a competitive environment to assess how your pack performs on shelf or in an e-commerce environment

Now you can do all this in one place with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System, where we capture what your consumers think, feel, do and want, and transform that data into strategic recommendations that build better brands. 

If you would like to know more about how, then please click here to learn more. 

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