What happens after COVID-19? Putting the consumer at the heart of "new normal"

As many countries around the world are starting to review and roll back lockdown measures, the new normal is beginning to take shape. Freedoms may be slowly coming back, but what behaviours will remain, and how will they define the future?

This must now become the focus for brands as they get to grips with their new consumer. And putting the consumer at the heart of your research as you plot a new course has never been more important. 

  • Get a winning start to new concepts: Which current needs are temporary, and which are going to be sticking around? Really get to grips with what your consumers need and get them creating with you from the start.  
  • Have confidence new concepts will sell: Rather than just relying on numbers and projections, how about testing concepts in a more real-life setting as you learn how consumers shop now, and how this will continue. 
  • Gather behavioural learning & insight: Only by observing new behaviour can you paint an accurate picture of the new consumer normal and how you can meet their changed demands
  • People buy feelings, and consumer-centric research is the only way to unlock those feelings and transform them into tangible actions that meet your business objectives.

Want to do this all in one place? The Catalyx Consumer Activation System allows you to capture what your consumers THINKFEELWANT and DO as they approach the new normal. 

If you would like to know more about how this approach can benefit your research, please email us here or click below.

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