The right message at the wrong time, is the wrong message

Long-term partners Catalyx and The Liberty Guild have identified 5 guiding principles for brands looking to navigate the new normal by monitoring emerging consumer changes since the start of Covid-19.

We evaluated thousands of data points from 8 studies across USA, UK and Italy running from March to May that looked across the overall threat to COVID-19, shifting attitudes to travel (as the bellwether for changing behaviours) and evolving attitudes towards advertising messages.  We learnt:

  • Attitudes are changing at warp speed, so you need to understand how your consumers are feeling to make sure your message hits the mark
  • One size does not fit all, so appreciate the nuances of your consumer and don't over simplify
  • Reflecting the mood shift early will mean your ads work harder, so learn how to understand the route ahead for consumers
  • Now is an opportunity for you to stress test your brand for future uncertainty, so be authentic and build trust with your consumers 
  • It's OK to smile, so no more sad piano music! (unless that's what you've always done...)

 The research is already making waves on TV as you can see here

If you would like to see the report that supports this information, or would like to know how your advertising is resonating with your own audience or how to make it resonate in future, feel free to contact us here or by clicking below. 

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