So what’s new at Catalyx? Actually quite a lot!

As we wave goodbye to August and start the new month, many of us will be thinking about what the rest of the year holds, and how 2020 might start to shape up.

So, we thought what better time to let you know just four of the biggest innovations, developments and steps forward we’ve made this summer to make your research more consumer-centric:

1) Evolved our SHOP platform so that you can now:

  • Test Product Concepts Behaviourally – by embedding yet-to-be-launched concepts into a real life setting to see how your target audience ‘shops’ vs a true competitive setting. 
  • Optimise E-Commerce – by mimicking a particular e-Commerce channel you learn what's needed to optimise conversion 

2) Measured new launch optimisation via behavioural audit. A method to capture your product launch through the eyes of your target audience. What do they see and ignore? What do they remember? How do they engage or avoid? 

3) Created 50 person LIVE CHATs Focus groups are still extensively used, but what if you could chat live to 50 people at once? You can even moderate yourself… if you're brave!

4) Launched 3 Day CROWD. Cuts out all the internal time community platforms otherwise create while dramatically improving output:

  • Day 1: Carefully curated approach to capture consumer input, ending in a LIVE CHAT. 
  • Day 2: Data is processed and packaged at speed. 
  • Day 3: Repeat day 1 with new consumers and new understanding. 

How do these new initiatives strike you? If anything in catches your attention, I’d be very happy to go into more detail, so let me know by clicking below!

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