See how a global brand saved millions by behaviorally validating new pack designs with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about how the Catalyx Consumer Activation System can be used to test new product innovations in a real-life way before they actually hit the shelves.

It allows brands to capture what consumers actually DO to support their claims. In other words, to discover the real-life "WHAT" and "WHY" both at the same time. 

Like when one of our global FMCG clients wanted to determine which new pack design would be the most promising to use.

By using the Catalyx Activation System they were able to:

  • Test real-life mock-ups of shelves as well as conduct a deep-dive discovery to understand the how and why behind purchasing decisions
  • Use a three step framework to SEE which pack grabbed the consumers attention; which they SELECTED to learn more about and what drove them to BUY their chosen pack
  • Learn that their new pack designs only achieved parity with their existing route, meaning that “doing nothing” was a consumer validated option for the client
  • Also understand how the new routes could be further developed to overtake the existing route in commercial performance. 

Overall this project allowed the client to gain a 360 degree view of their consumers behavior when it came to shopping the new products, and helped them avoid a misstep from high investment in changing the pack as it was. 

The insight gained through this approach then allowed Catalyx to make strategic improvements to the new packs, so that when they were retested, they outperformed the existing pack and the client could move forward with their pack innovation in the confidence it had been validated by their target consumer. 

If you would like to know more about how you can behaviorally validate your product innovations, please click below

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