Insight to Innovation to Idea to Concept to Sales

Moving from whitespace to a successfully selling product has always been a challenge. For instance, understanding what the consumer needs, where the opportunity lies and validating that it will sell all have to be overcome, and that was before the new normal dictated that you could no longer research face-to-face with your consumer. 

But doing this remotely, online, and directly with your consumers needn't mean these challenges are harder. In fact, it could mean they're even easier to achieve. 

For example, by embarking on an iterative learning journey with your consumer you could: 

  • Gather insights and discover needs by capturing consumer generated video & photos and then exploring them further via discussion groups
  • Take these insights and turn them into innovation platforms for idea generation
  • Generate 1000's of new ideas with a set of fresh consumers via the platforms
  • Create "big idea territories that birth new concepts 
  • Validate and develop concepts, to select a winning new product that will grow sales

The only way you can combine what your consumers THINK, FEEL, WANT & DO in one place to create a brand new product is with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System.

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