How to talk to consumers during COVID-19

As you may know, we've been running a dedicated online consumer community throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and capturing the changing voice of the consumer as their lives change and a new normal sets in.

With changes in behaviour, emotion, mental health and perception of brands, we've been able to help our clients understand this time better, and what consumers THINKFEELWANT and DO in the new normal, such as:

  • The need for brands to be seen to be taking care of their employees
  • Enforcing home schooling and balancing this with work commitments
  • How to stay entertained and how this has changed media consumption
  • Changes to personal care and what is now a priority in grooming
  • Eating habits, and how this impacts shopping choices in the midst of online shopping journeys and availability challenges

To discover what brands should be saying and doing in the context of the above, our clients have engaged their consumers via a range of different activities, using the Catalyx Consumer Activation System. For example:

  • Holding live chats with consumers at home
  • Building consumer co-creation idea generation platforms
  • Validating new COVID-19 orientated concepts and stimuli with 1000's of consumers
  • Tracking new behaviours in different categories as lockdowns forced change
  • Simultaneously capturing different cultural or geographical reactions around the world

If you would like to know more about how the Catalyx Consumer Activation System can unlock a better understanding of your consumer perceptions, emotions & behaviours at this time, please email us here or click below to get in touch. 

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