How to Plan for Uncertainty: Real Life Examples

Consumers are changing fast, making the world uncertain. The Catalyx Consumer Activation System can help you put your consumer at the heart of your research to allow you to act more quickly to consumer change. 

Here’s how we’ve already made the world a little more certain for some of our clients:

  • Category insight and Unmet Needs – what matters to consumers in your category right now. How has behaviour changed? What are their needs? Is this changing living through a pandemic? And if so how?
  • Trial drivers and barriers - what is motivating consumers to engage at the moment, and crucially what is putting them off and resulting in disengagement
  • Communication Insight – how can you communicate with your consumers right now with brand messaging that resonates with how they’re actually feeling and behaving.  And what channels are they engaged with at the moment?
  • Live Crowd Chat – around a specific topic to get consumer response, in the moment

We’ve activated the above using the Catalyx Consumer Activation System to help find consumers’ answers for our clients to make crucial and impactful decisions in this uncertain time. Here are a few examples of this in action:

  • Asking soft drink consumers about different reactions to campaigns and communications in different scenarios i.e when COVID recedes how can consumers reconnect with others outdoors but if it continues how can the brand communicate outdoor safely
  • We’ve been asking consumers about their changing gaming habits during this time for a computing peripherals manufacturer by understanding their new trial drivers and barriers and path-to-purchase
  • As we approach Super Bowl weekend, we’ve helped a premier NFL sponsor to learn all about how to reach consumers during the regular season. Giving them the answers to how the brand can connect, and help their consumers connect, with each other at a time when everyone is at home watching the game
  • Enabled a home entertainment company to look at how TV viewer mindset and ultimately behaviour has changed during COVID so they knew how to best serve them with TV content via category insight discovery and exploring trial drivers and barriers

If you would like to know how we can help you embed your consumer at the heart of your research to enable you to react quicker to change, please click here

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