How to optimise & evaluate new concepts in less than a month

It's been said (admittedly a while ago) that companies don't compete against each other, but rather compete against time. And if that was true before, then it must be even more true now as consumer behaviour and demands change at a frightening pace.

So if time is a critical resource of ever declining supply, how can you speed up something like a full scale innovation process, where optimisation and evaluation of concepts often take more than one pass?

One way would be to run optimisation and evaluation concurrently, rather than separately, as part of a single "push" to reduce the time taken to complete, to only a few weeks. 

  • You could work with dozens of your consumers to understand the key drivers of each concept and ways to optimise them to make them even better, via bespoke, engaging activities designed to understand what consumers WANT and FEEL
  • At the same time, check with hundreds more of your consumers which of the concepts perform most strongly via focused activities such as rank and rate & pin the image, against your custom KPI's to learn what they THINK
  • Combine the findings together to answer what concept is best, and why.

The only place you can combine concept optimisation & evaluation in one place, at the same time and do it in only a few weeks is with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System.

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