Improve your online retail conversion rates with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System

When it comes to understanding how to improve conversion via online retail, many of you face a simple choice:

  • Either you work with the retailer to gain this understanding, but accept that the data you get may not be that impartial or,
  • You carry out A/B testing in a live environment, but accept that you may be showing your hand to your competitors

Neither are great options. However, there is a way in which you can learn about how your consumers actually behave when they shop online, work with them to develop ways to engage them better and then prove the changes will directly drive up your revenue. 

You could:

  • Build a crowd of your target audience to capture what they THINK, FEEL, WANT and DO when they shop for your product by capturing their behaviour against your current offering
  • Take the insights gathered to form a set of improvement principles that you can then play back to your audience to validate and iterate
  • Build a mock up of your preferred 3rd party retailer's site, with the changes in place
  • Ask another group of consumers to shop your product, and immediately see the uptick in conversion by comparing it to your current metrics. 

The only place you can do all this in one place is via the Catalyx Consumer Activation System.

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