How to get a clear measure of conversion, at shelf, before you even launch

If you are testing a new product concept against the competition through online research, there’s often a big challenge when it comes to truly testing it “on-shelf”, because, well, category shelves are big, and screens are small!

To solve this you could use a high definition, virtual in-store shelf, allowing you to:

  • Understand consumers behavioural response to a product on-shelf
  • Test your product concept against the competition with an in-context solution
  • Get the most true-to-life way of testing your packaging and product benefit as it would be in-store 
  • Have a quick and inexpensive way to behaviourally screen your concept against the competition in an in-context shelf test, in order to find growth with the most optimum product positioning

And you can do this all in a faster, more sophisticated way, with virtual in-store shelves as part of the Catalyx Consumer Activation System. Meaning we can incorporate additional metrics such as hovers, clicks, purchase intent and system 1 based "findability" activities.

What's more, our expert team can also source the images of your competitor products giving you even more time back to focus on the more important things.

If you would like to know more about our virtual in-store shelves or more about the Consumer Activation System more broadly please click here

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