How do you know your product innovation will make an impact in an ever-changing world if you don’t have behavioral validation?

One of the key challenges when testing a new product innovation is to measure the true intent of your consumer. Often, we’ll know what they say they will do, but how can we test what they will actually do, in real-life, before the new product hits the shelves? 

And wouldn’t it be great to also understand what they do in support of their claimed response? Meaning you could get the true-to-life “what” and “why” at the same time.

To do this you could:

  • Conduct a behavioral shopping trip to test which route(s) your consumers prefer in a real-life context by combining a concept screen with their captured behavior
  • Test how your routes compare against the competition via a virtual shelf test
  • Learn how your routes perform as part of a product page including pack and communication elements

The only way you can do all this, in one place, and gather the insight that can be translated into business building recommendations is with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System.

If you would like to know more about how you can behaviourally validate your product innovations, please click here.

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