Getting better decisions quicker with richer, more validated outcomes.

We’ve been focussing recently on how our clients are able to utilize our enhanced optimization approach to get breadth and depth for richer validated outcomes and recommendations. 

It’s a truly powerful blended approach that gives:

  • Greater validation from qual at quant scale (the same richness of insight across more people to validate the outcome) 
  • Greater validation of the quant with inferential statistics (significance at quant scale) rather than indicative results

Like with our global haircare client, when they tested 4 new product concepts to identify the winning option. We were able to work with 100 respondents for a rigorously validated mixed method approach to provide them with:

  • Smarter analysis to the in-depth verbatim responses to validate the themes and patterns that drove their top 3 choices
  • Inferential statistics rather than indications to validate those choices to underpin this analysis
  • No “loudest shout gets heard most” risk as found when using moderated co-creation communities (although these are still a great way to ideate from problem to solution) meaning you can rely on the data to be full of independent thought 

This approach gave our client both a statistical analysis on what is and isn’t working, as well as understanding the why and what to optimise from the open ends, with smarter analytical outcomes

And also with our global beverage client. When they wanted to test and optimize 4 new packaging and communication routes we were able to:

  • Identify 5 key principles for successful communication for the topic and category, and 4 successful principles for pack design to support that communication
  • Map how well each concept was working against the key principles with inferential statistics and smart qualitative analysis of topic correlation, sentiment analysis, and semantic analysis
  • Provide recommendations for which routes to optimize for success and how.

If you would like to learn more about how enhanced optimisation can give you richer validated outcomes and recommendations, please click below.

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