Do you need to know more about Chinese consumers?

Making a move on the market leader, when that market is China, can be a daunting prospect for many European and North American brands. 

The cultural and linguistic barriers are well known, making the Chinese consumer hard to access. And because of these barriers, knowledge of the leading brands and consumer perceptions towards them is often lacking. 

But China is one of the most important consumer markets on Earth, so how do outside brands gain the right amount of information to make the right moves to break through?

To solve this challenge, you could:

  • Understand the Chinese consumer more via a combination of activities specifically designed to surface what they THINK about your category at large
  • Zone in on the market leader, and learn more about how the Chinese consumer FEELs about their favourite brand in their own words, through imaginative activities that personify that brand
  • Test your new concepts or build on what you already have to hear what they WANT from a challenger, asking them to rank and rate, pin images and "play the boss" to suggest what they would do to improve the concepts
  • Manage the whole process with a select team of native moderators who can overcome the cultural and linguistic barriers outside brands often face when researching Chinese consumers

The only place you can combine a huge number of bespoke activities into one place, specifically designed to meet your research objectives and work with local moderators to ensure the whole thing goes smoothly is with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System. 

And as a recognized leader in Strategic Consultancy, Catalyx are well placed to give you the strategic recommendations you need to achieve your business objectives. 

If you would like to learn more, please click here to request further information. 

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