Beating Uncertainty: How to get a full 360° view of your consumer

Last week we explored how each major historical crisis has had its own, unique recovery. And that whilst therefore the recovery from COVID will come, what shape it takes and the effects it will have are uncertain. 

Yet again we are faced with the only certainty being uncertainty, and so it’s critical we understand consumers with a full 360° view to avoid research blind spots at this time. 

Using the Catalyx Consumer Activation system you could:

  • Hear what your consumers THINK via individual activities and collaborative tasks to uncover personal thoughts and generate discussions on what has disrupted your category ‘norms’. Also, find out consumers’ shifting relationships with a category or brand, learning what they like or dislike. 
  • Understand how consumers FEEL because so often, an emotional connection is what drives purchase. By mapping emotional reactions to various stimuli you can gauge emotional sentiment towards your stimulus, product, brand or category
  • See what they DO and capture real life usage occasions in context via a week long visual diary, where participants record themselves interacting with product, category or area of interest
  • Learn what they WANT in the future by expanding your innovation platform into concepts rooted in consumer desire by understanding the functionality, form and benefits they desire from a new innovation

If you would like to know more about how you can use the Catalyx Consumer Activation System to get better insights to navigate uncertainty, please click here or below on contact us to learn more.

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