Beat your competition with consumer-centric concept development

Whether you're starting from scratch or you're looking to improve on a current proposition, as you approach the end of the innovation process you'll have narrowed things down to a small number of concepts.

But which one will work best once it's in the competitive environment? And more importantly, how do you ensure the final concept will also beat consumer expectations?

To ensure you have a winning consumer-centric concept that will achieve both, you could:

  • Create a mock-up of a eCommerce site and see what consumers DO when shopping the category, your competitors or your specific products 
  • Hear what they THINK by asking them to tell you what they like and dislike about your shortlisted concepts, as well as competitor offerings
  • Understand how they FEEL via deep dive qualitative activities designed to capture sub-conscious (System-1) and emotional reactions
  • Determine what consumers really WANT via discussion groups and even tap into consumer imaginations and ask them to improve your concepts

There's only one place you can gather all these insights in one place, at pace, with the control and flexibility you need, and that's with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System.

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