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Behind the Scenes: Ben Palmer Gears Up for MRMW EU Berlin

Excitement brews at Catalyx for our upcoming journey to MRMW EU Berlin! Ben Palmer, Business Development Director, along with David Gray and Jenny Kieras, will be attending to unveil groundbreaking insights in Jenny’s talk, Revolutionizing research: Unlock the secret to fast decision-making in a rapidly changing consumer market on Tuesday, October 10th.

We spoke to Ben as take-off approaches to discuss how Catalyx is approaching the industry’s speed vs quality challenge, and to find out why Catalyx is equipped to spark innovation in Berlin.

Touching down at MRMW EU Berlin next week! What are you most looking forward to?

For me, any opportunity to have conversations with the people we actually want to help is invaluable. I’m really excited to dig into real problems and challenges, straight from the source.

From your work with clients, have you seen a common thread in those challenges?

Absolutely. Following a year of prices rising, we’ve seen massive turn into more vertical and horizontal innovation – more volume growth as opposed to just price growth – but it’s a challenge we’ve loved dealing with here at Catalyx. It’s what we do; making the most out of stretched budgets to ensure that winning concepts, strategies and opportunities are always taken to the finish line in terms of innovation.

I can speak for the team when I say we’re really looking forward to connecting with our peers in Berlin. Catalyx’s way of solving for the issues in the industry is perfectly intertwined for people looking for ways to be more agile or to dip their toes into AI to launch successful innovations. Especially for teams being pressurised from a labour standpoint.

MRMW EU Berlin

It’s always a very tight line between quality versus quantity – from how I see the industry it’s now become even more important to get this balance right from client to client. You’ve got to walk this line while thinking quickly to make sure that the insights you’re using are up to date, can be relied on and are based on the people who will be using your products. We’re excited to bring this to MRMW EU Berlin – discussing how Catalyx’s methods have been baked into the client’s innovation process so they can move as quickly as they want, to stay ahead of the market while dodging potential roadblocks of speed negating precision.

Ultimately, we’re upping the speed at which you can move through the process while keeping it aligned with your original innovation goal. Bring on Berlin!

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You can keep up with Ben on LinkedIn, and follow us there to see updates in our research revolution.

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