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Igniting Innovation at MRMW NA: David Gray Sets the Stage

The highly anticipated MRMW NA is on the horizon! With less than a week to go, our team is gearing up. In the cases of our Global Head of Key Accounts Jenny Kieras, and our Business Development Director David Gray, that means packing their bags to journey stateside and join with the US Catalyx team to meet and greet the industry’s finest. 

While Jenny presents to the assembly on Thursday the 29th June at 10am, David is getting ready to showcase our multi-award-winning services and connect with fellow market research innovators.

Our Business Development Director looks ahead to MRMW NA

David Gray has built business for a range of companies for nearly 20 years and now can’t wait to get back into the swing of in person events. A newcomer to this event, he’s looking forward to the opportunity of introducing what sets Catalyx apart to a whole new territory. We spoke with David to find out more:

What’s special about Catalyx is that we’re really good at the “something else”, I’m excited to be bringing that to Atlanta. 

For example, you might come to us wanting to measure the same 5 key metrics you’ve always measured, and that can be very process-driven and habitual, with a lot of bias. Catalyx’s first question would be what do you want to learn? We get you out of the initial rigid structure so you end up asking the right questions, and then we bring you the answers – not just the data. We know that neither problems nor people are linear – it’s because of the way we connect with consumers and quiz them and challenge them, that’s how we get there and find unseen insight.

How will Catalyx’s innovations fuel Jenny’s MRMW NA presentation?

You’ll have to wait until Thursday to find out! In the meanwhile, I’ll say this; the way I see it, when a Formula 1 car goes around the track, it returns millions of datapoints a second. That all flows to a machine that synthesises it for humans to understand. In the MR landscape at the moment, agile research solutions will report that information fairly fast, but what Jenny’s got up her sleeve is something to iteratively, proactively make sense of it. DIY research can tell you if a bolt is loose, but it won’t go further and say “here’s a spanner, here’s how you tighten it.”

We’re going into much more detail next week. What’s incredible about Jenny’s insight is that, even though you might not have thought to look, you may find out your tyres are about to need a change, too, before it becomes a crisis. We’re talking about a way to stop powerful information getting lost in the blind spots. Studies don’t have to be data-only to be fast, and you don’t have to leave human learnings on the table just because there’s new technology involved. There’s a best of both worlds.

What are you looking forward to most?

One of the reasons I’m getting on a plane and flying to Atlanta is I believe humans need to meet and talk to each other. It’s really important to me that events happen, and that we support them. In the last few years, we’ve become creatures of habit where it comes to work, ticking much-needed boxes, but I think you need that human spark. 

If you exclusively default to digitalism and data, you lose the most powerful spark of innovation; human ingenuity. In a way, that’s exactly what Jenny’s presentation is going to be about.

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