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Consumer personalisation for differentiation

Beyond the Basics: How Beverage Brands are Personalising Beyond Flavour and Ingredients


Consumer personalisation isn’t new. But personalising and tailoring to consumer need in new and innovative ways can differentiate your brand vs. the competition. We look at exciting examples from the beverage industry to demonstrate how brands can stand out beyond the basics with personalisation.


Personalisation to solve for consumer need

Consumer personalisation won’t drive incremental growth if it’s just a novel idea. It needs to meet a specific consumer need to make impact. So it’s crucial brands understand their target audience needs for innovative personalised solutions. UK-based Miracle Tea solves for both personal taste preferences and health needs, with their personalised blending service using a proprietary algorithm on their website. It recommends a custom tea blend tailored to the consumer individual needs based on a quiz.

And sometimes a product solution is born from a personalised need. Meeting daily hydration consumer personalisation needs, US-based company VIVIC offers a personalisation hydration monitoring service via a wearable device and app. Tracking the consumer hydration levels it recommends personalised hydration goals and drink recommendations based on individual need.


Leverage technology for consumer personalisation like Johnnie Walker

Brands can leverage technology to automate consumer personalisation. With algorithms and machine learning to recommend products and services that are tailored to each individual customer. And this can help to deliver personalized experiences at scale, without requiring significant manual effort. Somabar, an automated bartending appliance brand, uses an AI-powered robotic bartender. Designed to meet consumer desire for a bar cocktail experience and drink exploration at-home. Consumers use the mobile app, select the preferred cocktail with customised ingredients, flavours, strengths. Then the app sends the recipe to the Somabar robot to mix and dispense the cocktail using precise measurements and temperatures. The robot also uses machine learning algorithms to improve personalised recommendations and individual preferences over time.

Johnnie Walker also used technology effectively to launch a personalised whisky bottle service that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to create a personalised label that features the customer’s face. Consumers can use a dedicated app to take a selfie, which is then turned into an AR image that is added to the label of their Johnnie Walker bottle.


Personalised engagement in real-time with Coca-Cola and Pepsi

Real-time personalised experiences are becoming increasingly popular in the beverage industry. And many brands use technology to offer customised and personalised experiences to their customers. You can create incredible consumer experiences in real-time to stand out from the competition. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi created personalised vending machines for consumers to create custom blends personalised to their preference for that moment in time.

Heineken has developed a real-time personalised beer recommendation service using facial recognition technology. Customers can use a mobile app to take a selfie, which is then analysed by the app to determine the customer’s mood and personality. Then the app recommends a beer that’s suited to the customer’s mood and personality.


Unpacking consumer personalisation needs using quick insights

Use iterative learning to innovate personalisation with real-time feedback from consumers to better meet their needs. Getting continuous fast consumer insights can help brands create a more relatable and engaging personalised experience. Understand consumer preferences and behaviour, such as browsing behaviour to identify patterns and trends to personalise products to meet specific consumer needs.


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