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Meet the needs of the fast changing consumer market

Fast insights for a fast changing consumer market. Maximize your brand success with fast decisions from Bitesize by Catalyx. New to the Catalyx Crowdsourced Behavioural Research System, get little bites of Catalyx in an agile, cost-effective package. Get a free report – The Battle of the Brands in a Crowded Beverage Market.


Why Bitesize for the fast changing consumer market?

Within the fast changing consumer market, dynamic research approaches are vital. That’s why Bitesize has been created – built upon client discussions that reveal a demand for powerful solutions, at speed. It joins Catalyx’s portfolio of research solutions as our most dynamic approach yet. With Bitesize, agility remains a priority with zero compromise on the impact of insights.

Catalyx’s Chief Growth Officer Shazia Ginai has been on both sides of the client conversation. With years of success in the field of human behavioural research, Shazia explains how Bitesize has come to exist.

“A lot of brands in recent years have been turning to DIY options for research. Clients want it quickly; they want it iteratively. Those DIY solutions may be quick and dirty, but they are also limited by being quick and dirty. They don’t give clients that strength of strategic, accessible insight that they’re looking for.

“Having experienced this client-side, I am very familiar with these obstacles. Clients have their own expertise in-house, but when it comes to research and getting deeper expertise outside of the brand itself, that’s where we come in.

“Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. In creating this new research offer we asked ourselves where it really is that clients’ needs are not being met by what’s on offer in the market and we identified those specific areas of pressure. We built Bitesize around our clients’ needs the way they build around the needs of their consumers. From this we have created a fast-paced, low-cost solution that enables iterative decision making.

“Bitesize delivers quickly and effectively, with honest, strategic and impartial data.”


Staying ahead of the curve in a fast changing consumer market

The research industry faces a challenge to stay ahead of the curve in a fast changing consumer market. Throughout recent years consumers have been met with unexpected shifts in priorities. As a result, for brands there is ongoing uncertainty surrounding the streams of data they once could rely on.

At the recent Festival of Marketing: Transform, held in London, Reckitt’s George Papadopoulos discussed this;

“A few years ago, it was OK to just know quantitative and qualitative research. Now you need to understand digital, ecommerce, omnichannel, social insights, audience. There’s all these things now that make it very difficult.”

Research plays an increasingly crucial role in getting a successful product in front of the right consumer. Common approaches direct clients to fast but shallow DIY solutions, or detailed but time-consuming traditional agencies. Bitesize goes beyond data, delivering fast insights to make fast decisions in a fast changing consumer world. Within the market’s rapid change there is an opportunity to explore and understand the new needs of your consumers like never before.


Unlock the secret to make fast decisions in a fast changing consumer market

Developed to tackle the increasing pace of today’s fast changing consumer market, Bitesize offers two distinct approaches. Each designed to support iterative learning for innovation and crowdsourced ethnographic observation at scale. We pair both with strategic Catalyx consultancy to ensure fast decision making.

Bitesize research offer outline. On the left is Crowd Safari with four approaches: A day/week in the life, Crowdsourced Shopalong, Product Usage in Context, Mystery Shopping Crowd. On the right side is Innovation Pick 'n Mix with seven approaches listed: Idea Optimizer, Tension Identifier, Benefit Refiner, Attribute Definer, Claims Optimizer, Names in Context, and Range Optimizer

Bitesize’s first offering is Crowd Safari. It brings you access to the insight of 30 consumers all in one go, anywhere in the world. With Crowd Safari, you can complement or replace your current way of accessing consumers’ homes, completing shopalongs and capturing product usage. Utilise our ability to capture real life video, image and verbatim from your consumers at a crowdsourced scale. You are guaranteed rich, synthesised insights through compelling outputs that facilitate fast decisions, as well as audit scorecards with actionable optimisations.

The second offering is our Innovation Pick ‘n Mix. Get so much more than a basic consumer test. It contains a robust suite of research options, providing everything you need to iteratively build and optimise your next successful innovation. Create your own Pick ‘n Mix from 7 flexible approaches with detailed outputs. You’re guaranteed a hierarchy of preference, opportunity matrix, optimisation identification and Catalyx-standard recommendations. Including also our collaborative consultancy to discuss results and agree next steps.

No matter which you select, we guarantee results within one week. Our quickest package for your quickest project.

A graph showing the differences in value and speed of Bitesize research vs. DIY vs. traditional approach. Listed in the graph as follows: Cost - Bitesize has two dollar signs, DIY one dollar sign, Traditional three dollar signs. Speed to data - Bitesize one hare icon, DIY has two hare icons, traditional has a tortoise icon. Speed to insight - Bitesize has two hare icons, DIY has a tortoise icon, and traditional has tortoise icon. Avoid heavy lifting - Biteseize has a tick, DIY has a x cross, Traditional has a tick. The so what and how beyond data - Bitesize has a tick, DIY has an x cross, Traditional has a tick. Consultative support included - Bitesize has a tick, DIY has a x cross, Traditional has a tick. Respondent data quality guarantee - Bitesize has a tick, DIY has an x cross, Traditional has a tick

Get a free report using a Crowd Safari Bitesize approach – The Battle of the Brands in a Crowded Beverage Market.

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