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Insight Nuggets – the key insights from our menopause research

Clearly the topic of menopause is a hugely complex issue, but every Catalyx report transforms deep dive crowdsourced qualitative and quantitative information into easily understandable and impactful figures and visualisations – giving you the insights you need to lead change and grow your brand. Read on for examples of this, all based on key insights from our latest menopause research.

65% women don’t recognise their own menopause symptoms, which leads to them putting off managing the issue.

1. Menopause insights - not managing symptoms

Those managing symptoms do so in three ways – 42% through medication (mostly OTC), 20% through physical wellness and 16% through mindfulness.

2. Menopause insights - managing symptoms

Women are suffering from emotional symptoms as much as experiencing physical ones.

3. Menopause insights - emotional symptoms as strong as physical symptoms

Clearly, perimenopause is a hugely emotional space…

4. Menopause insights - emotionally charged space

There are three opportunity areas that need addressing.

5. Menopause insights - hierarchy of needs


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