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Why brands need to communicate better to empower, educate and meet the needs of women in the menopause category

In recent weeks, we’ve highlighted the challenges women face while going through perimenopause and menopause – and the reasons we feel this is a huge and, so far, missed opportunity for brands.

So, for brands looking to explore the potential for product innovation or just improving communication in the sector, where do we go from here?  

As things stand, even the established brands in the market are not even coming close to meeting the needs of women – but this is especially true when it comes to education.

There are no brands associated with running educational programs to help women diagnose and find treatment, for instance.

This means that there is a huge white space around catering to consumers’ emotional needs and finding effective long-term answers.

To tap into these drivers and grow the category, brands must educate women and empower them with simplified solutions. For example:

The importance of education really, really can’t be understated here.. 

While a one-size-fits-all solution would be the dream if science can solve the puzzle, improved messaging and the building of supportive communities would be a positive step forward from where we are. 

As we’ve made clear in our recent blogs, when we talk about education, we’re talking about women themselves – as well as wider society. This is because: 

In the near future (hopefully!), women should be able to easily access the right tools to research and identify the best products for their menopause needs in a simple and efficient manner. This just isn’t the case now.  

As one of our research subjects said: “[The category} could learn that every woman going through perimenopause has a different experience so there should be different solutions for each woman’s needs. There should be discussions about giving women as much knowledge as possible about all the different alternative solutions so each woman can discover what works for their specific needs. Normalise perimenopause and acknowledge it’s mainly a pain in the bum!”

And that was from someone who was already managing their symptoms…

How Catalyx can help your brand

At Catalyx, our smart technology and innovative tools can support brands at any stage of your journey to perimenopause and menopause market exploration – from product audit to opportunity for your brand specifically to concept testing,to  innovation building or knowing how to effectively communicate with this new, important audience. These include: 

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