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Breaking down the taboo of menopause to empower women

So you think the menopause space is an area in which your brand can play, but how do you know for sure? And importantly, how can you ensure you take your brand into a relatively unknown market with credibility?

At Catalyx, we believe the menopause is an everyone issue and not just a women’s issue, but with 65%* of women not even recognising the symptoms they’re suffering are due to the perimenopause, what should be your first move in this new, untapped sector?

Whatever the questions you might be asking, our recent menopause research shows that the market is wide open for brands to play their part in breaking down the taboo of menopause, empowering women and promoting equity for this important group of consumers.

How are you going to show up?

As a brand, you could consider taking a broader view of how you want to show up in the market. With understanding and awareness of the menopause experience so underrepresented, there are a multitude of opportunities to explore.

Will you be the brand that pursues the opportunity to shift and shape culture – sparking the narrative around the menopause conversation? A brand that stands up and seeks change for their consumers.

“I can’t think of any [brands tackling this]. I don’t honestly think most of society realises how much it can affect you.”* – Managing symptoms

Or the brand that has the expertise to educate consumers? Taking everyone on the menopause journey, helping all of society to understand the experience of menopausal women better – from a younger generation of women, to husbands and partners, from acknowledging the long term impact on women’s careers to their day-to-day experience of the workplace.

“There should be discussions about giving women as much knowledge as possible…so each woman can discover what works for their specific needs.”* – Managing symptoms

And for some who are already exploring the category, you might be considering how you innovate further and think more widely across the category. How can you share a more holistic view of the menopause experience in a way that empowers women beyond your individual products?

“Brands do not seem to place enough importance on what they call ‘women’s problems’.”* Managing symptoms

How Catalyx can help you

Our Discover products can support you at any stage of your journey to perimenopause and menopause market exploration – from concept testing, innovation building or knowing how to effectively communicate with this new, important audience.

Read on to explore the different ways we can help:

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*Verbatim taken from crowd-sourced research in Australia.

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