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Unlock your humans to supercharge your recommendations for growth

Frustrated by the process of turning data into action to unlock the true potential of your product or innovation?

Wherever you are in your product or innovation cycle, understanding your consumer helps navigate the best action to drive your innovation and the success of your product in-market.

But getting to a clear decision requires impactful recommendations. A big responsibility that sits with Insight Professionals like yourself to deliver successfully.

At Catalyx, we’re passionate about generating insight that is actionable and empowers your recommendations to drive winning decisions. Decisions that will delight your consumers and unlock future growth.

So, we take the complex and make it actionable. And we validate the action with the why.

In fact, we’ve innovated a systemised approach from years of expertise to consistently ensure your credibility when making recommendations to internal stakeholders. Allowing you to put the why of the consumer at the heart of your brand and business.

Activating your crowd of humans

We believe that in a world where 95% of innovation fails you need the voice of many, not a few, to validate your direction.

So we’ve designed a robust mixed method systemised growth model. We capture consumer human reality through a combined behavioural, emotional, critical opinion, and projective desire methodological approach.

This is supported by a rigorous analytical framework to turn consumer data into actionable insight and a codification framework to expertly quantify qualitative human response for impact.

And then, we give you WOW insights. Insights that open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities.

And we bring your human consumers to life in powerful ways that will inspire your internal stakeholders.

We could go into all the details of how and why we do this, but we’d much rather show you.

So coming up…

We’ve been conducting our own research on the products and topics of the moment.

Thanks to our partnership with market-leading brand, Haleon, we’ve assessed a range of key innovations and products across a breadth of exciting categories to bring you the how of our approach.

Over the coming months, we’ll share smart insights across a range of topical categories – from menopausal products to the latest innovations in non-alcoholic beverages, from changes in the perception of health to unlocking saturated categories with tech – and with each example, we will explain how we got to the recommendation.

These examples will evidence our process and spotlight insights that will shift the dial and drive confident decision-making. Something we will enable you to do too.

And of course, you’ll get a sneak peek of the type of industry-winning reporting you’ll be able to share with your decision-makers, and the chance to dive deeper with our team of sparky experts if you want to know more.

So, strap yourself in, and we’ll show you exactly what you need to make recommendations with impact.

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