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How Catalyx use IHUTs to unlock growth for clients

At Catalyx, we are well-known for using collective intelligence and crowdsourcing to capture and synthesise qualitative data at quantitative scale.

And, in doing so, we get far closer to the consumer reality, which helps us to provide exceptional recommendations that unlock greater growth for our clients.

In fact, we guarantee that our recommendations unlock growth for our clients. With money back if they don’t.

Perhaps less known, is that Catalyx regularly helps our clients run In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs).

We see IHUTs as a core part of our Product Growth system – either used in isolation or more often as part of a wider combination of consumer data capture to help our clients truly understand what consumers want and need, and how they react at the moment of consumption.

We have worked with food producers, personal care brands, dishwashing brands, feminine care manufacturers and many more (even an in-home kidney testing device).

In each case, the recommendations coming from our IHUT approach have formed a central part of the client’s growth strategy and brand asset or product optimisation approach.

So, if you would like to do an IHUT, or learn how to make your product portfolio grow faster, more efficiently, please do contact our team.

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