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Why ‘do’ in online market research is key to unlocking your crowd

How can we be confident consumers will shop our product online and our innovation won’t fail?

This is a question we get asked by clients week on week.

They want to know how we can be sure their concept innovation or product will be as successful in an e-commerce environment as it can be.

With a rise in online shopping and an environment where price is top of mind, knowing how people will purchase against the competition is crucial.

At Catalyx, we take a behavioural approach to help our clients launch a successful product. We do not rely solely on ‘claim’ data and claim purchase intent to anticipate online consumer behaviour.

Our innovative research approach is built on the ‘do’ – what will consumers actually do if they were in front of Amazon (Walmart, Tesco or Carrefour – or any other retailer) tomorrow.

Creating real-life shopping experiences

We use life-like platforms that almost exactly mimic real-life shopping experiences to share behavioural insights that predict how consumers behave in an e-commerce environment.

Our analysts accurately capture what consumers might do online by measuring every click and every scroll.

It is a very conclusive way – as close to real life as possible – of telling our clients what is likely to happen when their product or concept is launched, whether it’s as good as it can be, and where they’re going to get their market share from.

There’s no arguing with the results

The in-market response from our clients’ products has proven time and time again the accuracy of our research and recommendations:

A global baby care brand wanted to predict the in-market response to four new line extensions.

They set up two tests: A standard methodology using a claimed based survey, and a second using a true to life e-commerce replica to capture consumer shopping behaviour of the new SKUs.

Our behavioural approach, which captured what consumers actually do versus what they claimed they were going to do, predicted the in-market response with 95% accuracy.

Our approach helped identify the impact the new lines had on sales versus the competition and identified the risk of cannibalisation amongst the existing portfolio – acting as a forewarning.

This client no longer tests new innovation introduction via claimed based surveys.

They use the Catalyx Behavioural Concept Test as the true validation for their future innovation launch cycle.

The WOW of the Catalyx Behavioural Concept Test

The WOW in our behavioural approach is the actionability for marketers because the results are simple in what they share.

Our succinct reporting and strategic recommendations truly capture consumer purchase intent, helping to solve business problems or guide the focus of our clients’ innovation.

Once clients start using this approach, they don’t stop because it is that conclusive.

So, standard ‘Claim’ based purchase test or Catalyx Behavioural Concept testing – which will you choose?

Product Overview: Behavioural Concept Test

Why settle for claimed data, when we can give you real life. An entirely behavioural way of seeing how well your product idea does in its real life competitive set. The gloves are off. This shows you what will happen if you launch your concept into market in as life-like a setting as it is possible to get.

Guaranteed outcomes:

To learn more about our Behavioural Concept Test and for consumer insight to unlock your brand’s potential growth, please get in touch with the Catalyx team here to discuss your requirements.

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