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Business Leader Magazine interview our founder and CEO Guy White about fast-track growth, our Consumer Activation System and the future

*Out now! Catalyx is the focus of the Fast Track feature in the June-July 2022 edition. Business Leader magazine is one of the UK’s leading media platforms for high growth and scale-up businesses.

Over a three-page spread, Guy shares the story of why he started Catalyx in 2012; how our flagship Consumer Activation System has changed the way that brands can achieve growth; and how we became one of the fastest emerging disruptors in the insight industry along the way.

Guy also explains how the Catalyx team has recently innovated our product offering, through our Consumer Activation System, to help businesses around the world audit in-market success, build better strategy, optimise innovation and communication.


You can read the full Business Leader profile here, and we’ve included a few snippets from Guy below:

On the birth of Catalyx
“Marketing strategy companies were either qualitative or quantitative, but clients don’t necessarily want this split and consumers who are performing research have no clue about it. So, the starting point for Catalyx was creating an agency that was all about giving the best possible strategic recommendation without the client really realising this split existed.”

On our Consumer Activation System
“At the starting point of Catalyx, I got really interested in crowdsourcing: the idea that the wisdom of a large group of independent and diverse people is always going to give you a more accurate understanding of human behaviour than the group of experts who are talking on their behalf, or a small group just talking to consumers through one lens. This idea led to the creation of our Consumer Activation System.”

On creating success
“As a company, we are very focused on saying to a client ‘if you work with us, you will walk away with two or three things.’ This could be a better product, better innovation, and a strategy that unlocks more growth. That’s what we promise, and then we talk about how we’ll do it.”

On the challenge of growth
“I once heard a wonderful quote that resonated with me: ‘Building a business is like designing a new aeroplane while flying the current one’ and that’s exactly how I feel.”

On the importance of a good team
“We have something we call the Culture Crowd, which can be described as an employee-led team of people working from the bottom up that are able to say what’s important, what works and what doesn’t.”

On our future plans
“We’re looking to increasingly build an outcome benefit-driven systemised approach that allows us to process complex, mixed-method data quickly to solve the bigger problems and to enable recommendations that unlock growth, because that’s what we feel is the hardest thing to do in the industry.”

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