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How can our award-winning product help you?

We’re excited to announce Catalyx has won Best New Product Innovation at Quirk’s Media Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards!

The Catalyx Consumer Activation System has been recognised as an industry disruptive innovation that is helping clients with a new tech-enabled approach.  Our innovative smart tech system efficiently captures a complete view of your ‘crowd’ to generate insight, foresight, and strategic vision. It combines qualitative depth with quantitative rigor to deliver intelligent consumer insight by capturing a holistic view of what your audience Does, Feels, Thinks and Wants.

We’re really proud of our Consumer Activation System product, and how combined with our strategic experts we can deliver actionable insights for you to make better decisions, quicker.

Have you got key business questions that need answering before the year end, with strategic consumer insight driving those decisions? How could you utilise our award winning system to unlock growth in your category with insight, innovation that people can’t wait to buy, communication that cuts through, and go to market that maximises commercial success?

Want a demo to see what all the fuss is about?

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