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Are you trying to define unmet needs in uncertain times?

Uncertainty prevails. Two years in, and the impact COVID has on different populations leaves decision makers facing uncertainty as to where to turn next. 

In Japan, we just witnessed a spectator-free Olympics, whilst in the UK, the new soccer season has seen shoulder to shoulder for the first time in 18 months. 

In New Zealand, a single case of COVID has thrown the country into full lockdown, whilst the US records more than 100,000 new cases every day. 

And Portugal has double vaccinated two thirds of its people but Australia, with a comparable population and a 3x richer country, only one in five. 

These variations are politically influenced and policy led, and it makes things harder for brands facing into uncertain times.

There just isn’t a standard right now. Each market is different, and each individual is different within. Perhaps nothing new, but constant change is driving new behaviours everywhere, and new need states along with it. 

Understanding what change has occurred, to whom, to what extent and the impact, positive or negative, that it might make on your brand, sector or category is a complex task. 

But if you could activate your target audience and better understand more of what they THINK, FEEL, DO and WANT you could:

You can do all this, in one place, and transform the data into key insights and business building recommendations via the Catalyx Consumer Activation System.

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