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Should you be enhancing your optimisations with greater breadth AND depth?

The market research industry standard is to optimise via one of two ways. Either by quantifying the response to concepts to show what works or doesn’t work, or, by a deep dive into open ended questions about what works, why, and how to improve.

The challenge is that the first gives you the validated breadth of the ‘what’ but not the why or depth of how to optimise. 

And the other gives depth for direction, but it lacks the validation of scale. 

But what if you could get even better outputs, with greater validation of results to make better decisions, and more quickly, by increasing both the breadth of the research and the depth of richness at the same time?

You could:

If you would like to discuss how you could challenge the industry norms and optimise with greater depth and breadth at the same time, then please click here to get in touch. 

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