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Webinar: Avoiding Blind Spots in Your Research: Getting a 360-Degree View of the Consumer

We recognize the clear benefits of incorporating System-1 and behavioral-based learning along with consumer co-creation and ideation. But the challenge is incorporating all aspects, all the time.

If, on any given project, we’re not capturing the full picture of what people think, what they feel, what they do, and what they want, then we have a blind spot in our insights and the business actions we take based on them.

In this webinar, hosted by Quirks, we’ll use real examples to illustrate the blind spots that can happen when we don’t have the full picture of the consumer, and how that changes the business decisions. With specific cases, we’ll illustrate how the insights and recommendations change as you remove each aspect – and demonstrate how the strongest insights and recommendations happen when we have the total view.

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We’ll show you how we can quickly and cost effectively ensure we capture the total view of the consumer in every engagement or iteratively across several smaller engagements. We’ll also include a sneak peek at our Consumer Activation System™, which is expressly designed to quickly and easily activate consumers to capture what they think, feel, do and want in order to answer a wide range of research objectives.

You can register here, details below:

Date: Wednesday April 21

Time: 10 am (ET), 3 pm (BST), 4 pm (CET)

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