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History shows us the COVID recovery is a certainty. But how it’ll go, is not…

What does economic recovery from COVID look like for your brand and your consumers? Because this crisis, like every other, has had its own unique recovery. The Great Depression recovery started with Roosevelt’s New Deal, and ended with World War II.

That crisis in turn led to the Marshall Plan, which helped Europe rebuild, and paved the way for a period of great peace and prosperity in both Europe and the U.S.

And although there’s not a multilateral COVID recovery plan just yet there are signs that a recovery is waiting to burst into life. 

But there is a huge watch out. Just as each historical crisis was unique, so was the recovery. And at the beginning of each, uncertainty was the only certainty. The COVID crisis and the embryonic recovery we find ourselves in has so far shown us:

To help plan for these uncertainties you could:

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