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Is No Trend The Top Trend of 2021?

So 2020 was…different. Everything changed, really fast. The new normal was born. And then everything again, to nearly the old normal. And then changed again to a post-new normal, normal.

2021 brings hope that with vaccines, something like the pre-COVID normal will reappear. But, like 2020, the coming year has the same potential for plenty of twists and turns, as fast changing situations drive fast changing consumer behaviors.

So if you aren’t planning for uncertainty, you’re doing it wrong. Our top trend for 2021 is that there will be too many micro trends to predict, nor a single one that will stick. As consumers continue to adapt to their changing world, there will be so many trends to come and go that planning for them will be futile.

Instead, why not put your consumer at the heart of your planning now to understand:

The only place you can discover what your consumers THINK, FEEL, DO & WANT in 2021 and translate that into strategic, brand building recommendations is with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System.

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