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Co-create your research project live, in minutes, with Catalyx

There’s a familiar choice in front of you when you are planning your research. Do you “do-it-yourself” and lose the expertise of a strategic partner? Or do you hand everything over to them and lose control, take a step back, and wait for the results when they come? Of course the reality is there’s some things you’d love to control, and some things you’d just rather someone else did for you. 
For example, you might like to be able to:
  • Build out your own research project by selecting your own specialised methodology
  • Input your sample requirements alongside and see what the price will be as you make changes
  • See what the outcome of your designed research will look like with specific report templates that match your choices
The only place you can combine “do-it-yourself” research building and industry recognised strategic recommendations is with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System. It acts as a framework for you to be involved in the live creation of your research, rather than handing over a brief and then waiting for a proposal. 
You can:
  • Input your specific business objectives 
  • Select your research objectives from an extensive range of popular choices (and if your specific research objective isn’t listed, our experts will work with you to create a one) 
  • Choose from hundreds of activities designed to put the consumer at the heart of your research and engage them in a smarter way
  • Enter your audience sample to trigger a responsive price for your research as you build
  • Do all this live, in a collaborative way, with a team of experts who’ll then execute your plan, collect the data and transform it into strategic recommendations that build your brand.  
This approach empowers our clients to truly be in the driving seat of their research and no longer be detached from the research process. 
Welcome to “do it yourself” co-creation, powered by the strategic value of our experts. 
If you would like to know more about how you can put yourself at the heart of your research process, be the creator, and be the driver of your strategic insight business impact, then please click here to learn more.

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