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“I just had to buy it!” A consumer-centric way to understand impulse purchases post COVID

As the world continues to balance itself following the impact of COVID-19, consumers are creating surprising new behaviours that go against the conventional thinking of the past. 
For example, we know in-store retail is struggling whilst online booms, but at the same time, impulse spending is up, even though for years it was accepted that physical browsing and impulse purchase were inextricably linked. 
The old way would conclude that impulse is struggling. But it isn’t. The new normal has taught us that consumers are just as happy (sometimes more happy) to spend their money on impulse purchases even though where they shop has changed. 
But how does this trend apply to your consumer and your brand? To answer this question properly, you’d need to take a consumer-centric approach to understanding your category better and uncover the trial drivers and barriers that exist around impulse purchases. You could:
  • Hear what consumers THINK by asking them to relay their habitual shopper preferences and behaviours to give you an understanding of a typical category shop
  • Learn what they FEEL by asking quick questions designed to elicit a System 1 response to drive top of mind reactions
  • See what they DO via a visual diary where consumers capture their interactions with a chosen product or category to evidence and explain their behaviour
  • Understand what they WANT from their perspective in terms of marketing message and channel to drive trial and purchase
The only place you can do this all at once, at scale and at pace is with the Catalyx Consumer Activation System. If you would like to know more about how you can get better consumer-centric insights please click below. 


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